Lolly, MVR launched the first-to-market entry level PoS and self-serve platform.

At 2018’s Restaurant and Bar Tech Live show, point of sale (PoS) and payments specialist, Lolly, launched the first-to-market entry level PoS and self-serve platform.

Teaming up with payments specialist, Optomany, the innovative LollyServe combines traditional EpoS payments with self-serve. By creating one secure, seamless solution the new offering enables hospitality providers of all sizes to benefit from the speed and convenience of self-serve technology, whilst providing greater customer engagement.

The technology will operate in any environment with order and collect facilities. Lolly’s goal is to facilitate businesses of all sizes in maximising sales opportunities and savings. By offering customers the opportunity to complete the simple task of ordering, businesses can optimise employee hours by focusing their staff on providing high-quality, exceptionally efficient service.  The software puts the full order process in the customers’ hands.

To ensure all payments are processed as quickly and securely as possible, Lolly recently partnered with Optomany — a specialist in innovative payment processing technology that has pioneered the use of the PCI Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) standard in the UK. The resulting P2PE-compliant solution delivers the highest level of security at low cost to drive take-up of cashless payments in the sector.

Peter Moore, CEO at Lolly, said: “EPoS is clearly becoming the single most important business tool in the hospitality space. Self-serve is also a core focus for the industry, providing customers with full control of the transactions they make. But – until now – it has very much focused on the larger players. We have worked hard to build an entry level solution which integrates EPoS payments and self-serve – supporting smaller hospitality providers in their mission to compete on a level playing field.

“We’re delighted to have Optomany working with us, to ensure LollyServe supports secure and seamless transactions. P2PE is fast becoming a major requirement for today’s discerning customer, and Optomany’s offering meets that requirement head on.

“The opportunities within this space are vast and self-serve has so much more to offer. Overall, this new technology will undoubtedly put the customer back in the driving seat, and will help to increase footfall. It won’t be long before we start to see aspects such as face recognition coming into play within self-serve, increasing customer loyalty and speeding up transactions even more.”

“All businesses who accept card payments must be PCI DSS compliant. But installing a P2PE solution will actually reduce their scope for PCI compliance, making the whole process much cheaper and easier,” said Optomany Chief Commercial Officer, Robert McLaughlin. “Our axept® solution was the first globally to receive P2PE v2 certification and we’re delighted to continue the innovation by teaming up with Lolly on a platform set to take the hospitality sector by storm.”

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